Sam Boughton | Art and Soul

Exeter Living, January 15, 2021

Artist Sam Boughton has been chosen from all the exhibitors at the South West Academy's Reflections 2020 exhibition as the winner of annual Brownston Gallery Award. Sam works out of her studio in Teignmouth and finds inspiration from the dramatic landscapes nearby. "When I feel a strong connection with a particular place, I make regular visits to experience it at different times," says Sam. "This was particularly so during lockdown and the start of the Covid restrictions. The more I studied the same place, the more I became compelled to draw and make marks in different ways. I work fast and fearlessly in inks and pastels to capture the movement and energy of the particular moment and my emotional reaction to it. "I entered these recent paintings into the SWA Reflections exhibition and was so thrilled to discover not only was I selected but I had won the Brownston Gallery Award. So exciting!" Sam Boughton's work will form part of The South West Academy Exhibition 2021 at the Brownston Gallery, Modbury from 19 March – I 7 April, 2021