• A NEW YEAR, A NEW LOCKDOWN RESOLUTION, Our resolutions for 2021


    Our resolutions for 2021
    As we continue to be challenged by the global pandemic we are resolved to stay positive, do what we can to survive the months ahead, and do our utmost to continue to bring you good art to enjoy. 
    Whilst we cannot open our doors we have decided to go ahead with our Exhibition Programme online.  In addition to the artworks being on our website, we will also show lots of short videos, talks with the artists, and virtual tours of each exhibition. Hopefully, it will be almost as good as being in the gallery!  Watch out for updates on social media or sign up to our Newsletter for the latest news. 
    But before we get started we are going to clear the decks with our hugely popular annual BIG BROWNSTON STUDIO SALE.   This is a brilliant opportunity to snap up a piece of art, sculpture, or jewellery you may have had your eye on but been reluctant to purchase - NOW is the perfect time to treat yourself.  Have a look at the STUDIO SALE page for some special offers but if you don't see what you were looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help.
    Our first Exhibition of 2021 - MARKS OF NATURE - opens on 12th February and features Joe Webster, John Grice and Ellie Verrecchia.  John's work will be known to many of you but we are really excited to show his new pieces which are very different in style but still very distinctive and quite stunning. Joe and Ellie are new to the gallery and we are really looking forward to introducing their work to you. Their landscapes and seascapes of the local coastline and countryside are exceptional.  Joe likes to mix things up with a bit of street art giving an edge to his work, and Ellie's gentle watercolours on paper are breathtakingly beautiful.  Three very different artists coming together to make a terrific exhibition.
    Then in March we have our annual SOUTH WEST ACADEMY SPRING EXHIBITION featuring a selection of Academicians including Ken Cosgrove, Phil Creek, David and the winner of the Brownston Award Sam Boughton, who we are very excited to welcome to the gallery. The dates for this exhibition are 19th March to 17th April.
    All things considered we think this is a great start to the New Year!  


  • Buying art can be daunting so let us help you! Buying art can be daunting so let us help you!


    We hope you enjoy browsing our website and if you have any queries please get in touch. All works are available for purchase and can be collected from the gallery or delivered to your home.  We can send you as many images as you like of your favourite piece to help you make a decision. And don't forget we can offer a ten month interest-free payment plan through the OwnArt scheme which makes it even easier to make a purchase. All this can be done over the phone or online. Please contact us for all your enquires and we will be happy to help.