23 May - 31 July 2024

This beautiful new exhibition celebrates the poetic and sensual aspect of painting expressed by three wonderful women artists through their depiction of light, colour and space. Each artist draws on their own experience and skill and the results are mesmerising.


Colour is the very essence of Teresa's work. From the early influence of the Fauve Movement, the Scottish Colourists and the St Ives School, Teresa has developed her own recognisable style. Her strong bold canvases are infused with colour and light, the textures and shapes playing with blurred boundaries, especially those where land meets water, coming together to create a narrative that is subtle yet explosive. These new works display all Teresa’s skill in capturing the essence of place, from the Lynher and Tamar estuaries and the coastline of the South West, to the Isles of Scilly and beyond.


Jo’s striking paintings blend the figurative with the abstract, her distinctive mark-making highlighting different planes of light and shadow, inspired by the shapes and rhythm of the natural world. Jo’s love of colour and light originates from her early years spent in Australia, where she grew up surrounded by the vast endless landscape, so different to the rolling fields and hills of Devon. Jo mixes and creates her own colours, using the paint to translate what she sees and feels onto the canvas, creating a sense of freedom and joy in both her landscapes and still life paintings, blending the figurative with the abstract.


Newcomer Polly works to create the experience of landscap e rather than depicting the reality of it. Her painting is an emotive response and her compositions are loose and free, full of colour and gestural, expressive marks. The juxtaposition of bold brushstrokes with delicate lines is a continual source of interest. For Polly the fields and coastline

of the South West are the landscape of home and childhood, and painting helps her reconnect with those precious memories, celebrating the small delights of everyday life.