30 September - 28 October 2023
I believe in painting. It is a way of life for me as an artist and academic. My teaching ethos hinges on this language - it has always had the power to speak to the human soul. RKW

This exhibition, ‘Paint’, is led and curated by Richard Kenton Webb and brings together his colleagues Monika Rycerz and Robert Manners who also teach drawing, painting, and printmaking at Arts University Plymouth. Richard has also selected four wonderful painters, students from BA and MA Degree courses: David Fletcher, Karmin O’Brien, Kieran Walsh and Charlie Dyson. Also invited are incredible painters he has taught throughout his 37 years of teaching, all now doing well and thriving: Iain Andrews, Tom Musgrove, Elisabeth De Las Casas, Victoria Jinivizian and Clare Thatcher. Through the years, Richard has also been proud to work with artist, John France who is now an External Examiner; and two conference collaborators and champions of painting, Benny Fountain from Whitworth University, USA, and Andrew Stahl, Professor of Painting at The Slade School of Fine Art London.


This is a unique exhibition showcasing not only the talent of the students who have graduated, or are about to graduate, from Arts University Plymouth and the University of Plymouth, but it is also a celebration of the ethos and practice of teaching painting, drawing and printmaking at its very best.