4 - 24 September 2022

I am a sculptural artist working predominantly in metal and glass. I weld, fold, and form metal work into sculptural pieces encapsulating glass be it sheet, blown or cast. The former is borne out of my previous life as an engineer, welder and fabricator where precision and accuracy were the watchword; now that I am released from those shackles, I am able to make with freedom bringing those learnt skills to fore in a different area of my life. I am inspired by anything that comes into my field of vision, from the natural world or the man made that surrounds as I walk through life, it is all food for my artistic endeavours.


Pop Futurism’ explores the once commonplace tools of the craftsman that have found a new home in the world of contemporary art. However, instead of using the actual tools of the trade Chadwick has manipulated and cut their silhouettes from steel to provide containments for sheet glass which gives the appearance of movement, akin to the Futurist paintings of the early 20th Century. In the colours chosen to powder coat the steel, Chadwick refers back to the brightly coloured images of the Pop Art Movement of the 1950's. This harmonious fusion of art movements is evident in these striking and dynamic compositions.