3 - 17 July 2021

An exhibition of new work full of the colours of summer

There is a very good reason Teresa Pemberton is one of our most popular artists and you only have to look at this collection of new work to see why.  Her colours are simply beautiful.  Soft hues of pastel blues and pinks shimmer alongside glistening turquoise and purples. A splash of neon pink, or zinging orange brings the impressionist landscape into focus, allowing the viewer to capture shapes and colours hitherto unseen.

Teresa is masterful in her approach to applying paint to canvas; her strokes are confident and sure as she draws you into her world of cool lily ponds, sparkling estuaries and rugged coastlines, all inspired by her home by the Lynher Estuary in Cornwall and her painting trips, when allowed, to Cadgwith Cove and the Scilly Isles.

This collection is gentle in its execution, a calm oasis in the current turmoil that threatens to overwhelm us. Looking at Teresa's paintings is a joy and allows us to breathe easy once more.