Matt Hoile British

“My paintings express an empathetic response to the landscape, the atmospheric light and the movement of the sea.  I convey the landscape with a degree of accuracy but want to paint more than a simple likeness, capturing the spirit of the place.  Dynamic mark-making is imperative to my approach, which provides abstract interest when viewed close-up, but also contributes to the realism when viewed from across the room.”



Born in Exeter, Matt’s paintings represent a strong affinity with the captivating coastlines of Devon and Cornwall.  Often drawn to the most remote places, hidden coves and secret bays provide his ideal subject matter.


Matt combines the technical aspects of working in oils with his contemporary and expressive approach. His work evokes a vivid sense of place, particularly inspired by the dynamic effects of light and atmosphere.  His process typically involves working with tonal sketches to make compositional decisions, before using oils on board.  


In 2021, Matt was selected to become an Academician with The South West Academy.