Melanie Deegan British

"An image resonates. In my mind I can inhabit the shape. I want to reduce the structure until it is almost transparent, etching away until all that is left is a ghost.  But at the same time I love texture and want to include this. The textures of ancient things, of nature, manmade objects and so much more.  I like not knowing which one will win."


A free-range childhood in Somerset gave Melanie her love of animals, particularly horses, that has stayed with her throughout her adult life and which now plays a key part in the sculptures she creates.


Melanie has developed a method of working that lends itself to the creation of dynamic physical designs by experimenting with different materials and techniques. She uses wire and steel to create the skeleton in 3D then adds the texture and detail that will evolve into a finished sculpture.


She uses space to invite the viewer to engage with the piece, to use their imagination to fill the void, so that each scultpure is as much about what is not there as it is about what is.  This results in form which are fragmented yet full of energy and movement.