Teresa Pemberton British

"I think of my work as poetic and sensual, the creating of paintings being visual conversations.  My work is rooted in the nature and effects of landscape and seascape through changing emotions, movement, light and colour.  The sea in particular has always been hypnotic and I can spend hours observing it.  The longer I stare the more colours I see."


Colour is the very essence of Teresa's work. From the early influence of the Fauve Movement, the Scottish Colourists and the St Ives School, Teresa has developed her own recognisable style.  Her strong bold canvases are infused with colour and light, the textures and shapes playing with blurred boundaries, especially those where land meets water, coming together to create a narrative that is subtle yet explosive.


Her paintings have their origins in real places – the Lynher and Tamar estuaries, the coastal paths of Devon and Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and the wild moorlands of Dartmoor, and occasionally places further afield such as India and Malaysia. But they are not representational, rather they express a memory, a feeling, a sense of place rather than the place itself.


Each painting represents a journey, one which Teresa hopes will transcend the ordinary and become extraordinary.