Barry Kelly British

"When painting now, there is something that makes me stop when walking along the coast path, or the beach.  A slither of sparkling light on the horizon, a sense of danger when looking at the rocks far below me; its this sensation I try to record, reflect, celebrate even. I want to paint that very sensation, that moment, that feeling."


Barry Kelly grduated from the University of Wales in 2004 studying under the technical expertise of Dr Robert Newall. He grew up in the beautiful South Hams region of South Devon and knows every nook and cranny of its rugged coastline. His greatest joy is introducing his young son to all the delights of crabbing in rock pools and learning to surf on the magnificent beaches of Bantham and Bigbury. Every painting begins with a simple hand-made sketchbook, filled with drawings and detailed notes, such as the time of day, the light, the weather.  All of these factors are then translated onto canvas back in the studio.


His paintings are delightful – full of light and colour with big skies and intricate foregrounds, creating feelings of joy and freedom.