Ellie Verrecchia British

My inspiration and my stomping ground is the shoreline of South Devon where I live - the soft hills, headlands, estuaries and sweeping sandy coves of the natural landscape, and the sugary coloured buildings along the water line.



I seek out beautiful, natural places to set up makeshift beach studios on site, carrying my materials on my back and painting en plein air onto textural cotton paper and beach-found driftwood.


I've always enjoyed being outdoors and playing with the colours of the sea in inky tones of blue and hues of turquoise is my way of connecting to the natural environment and rhythm of life here. I'm interested in the natural ripples and sweeping arcs the tide leaves along the shore, and the silhouettes of sea pines, garden palms, wildflowers and sea grasses. All these obsessions create the relaxed, natural mood of beach living in my work.


Using natural textures in my materials, I create fresh and airy glimpses of the 'secret' Devon sea views that I love best. This body of work is a joyous expression of my life by the sea.