Tony Williams British

“My current series of paintings celebrates the working lives of the men of the British shipbuilding yards, evoking the atmosphere of their industry during the pre and post war years. Deafness caused by riveting often forces the spirit of the painted figures to be bound together in a confiding attitude, and I see these men as a corporeal host of ghosts from our industrial past.”


Tony Williams is an award-winning artist whose paintings are held in many private and public collections around the world. His industrial maritime paintings in particular capture a sense of history and nostalgia for a time that has passed into memory.  


He studied life drawing and graphic design at Sutton Art School, going on to a career as creative director before taking up apinting full-time in 2003.  He is an associate member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and winner of the prestigious RSMA Charles Pears Award. He has shown at the famous “Gherkin” in London for the Baltic Exchange and exhibits regularly at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the RSMA . His most recent award, the Topbond Marine Award, was presented in 2019 at the Royal Society of Marine Artists annual exhibition at Pall Mall London.


His works shows a designer's eye for composition with a perspective tht draws the viewer in to explore each painting.  His use of light and shade, and carefully applied often muted colours, present beautifully balanced pieces.