4 - 24 September 2022
“When people ask me what I am trying to convey through my paintings, I find it hard to put any answer into words. For me each painting needs to speak for itself. The colours evoke emotions which have a personal, elemental context. I don’t paint to inform the reaction in others. I just paint what I feel and hope that others feel something too.”  Jerry Browning.


In his new exhibition Balance Browning presents a wonderfully strong collection of new work which vibrates with energy and exudes light and positivity, so vital for us all, especially now.  The canvases are packed with panes of colour and strong shapes and form which balance beautifully with each other, creating paintings which are intriguing, uplifting and captivating. These new works evoke man's connection with the earth, the sky and the sea, creating a force of perfect balance.