19 October - 12 November 2021

Anthony Amos was a hugely talented marine artist who captured the hardship and challenges of life at sea. Influenced by Rembrandt and Turner his paintings have a unique raw power that is impossible to ignore. 


It takes someone very special to take an old rusting hull and turn it into a thing of beauty.  And yet that is exactly what the late marine artist Anthony Amos did in his stunning paintings.


Drawing on his vast experience of life at sea, Amos created beautiful paintings that bring to life scenes from a bygone era.


In his hands old working tugs become majestic titans of the sea, tractors on the beach look stylish and elegant under huge skies that seem to go on forever, and the faces of hard-working men and women convey strength, character and endurance.


Anthony Amos’s paintings are raw and powerful, beautifully crafted observations of human nature and are as fresh and relevant today as when they were created.