7 - 28 August 2021
Like everyone, living through the challenges of the past pandemic year has highlighted what is important to me - my family, good health, a purpose in life - and time to appreciate it all. For me they are all interwoven and if I get the balance right my family and I will live a good life, one we can all enjoy and appreciate. Who can ask for more?
I think this was at the back of my mind when I created this new body of work. I felt a renewed energy , a new verve for life. Each painting in Space to Breathe is inspired by the stunning and unique coastal landscapes and seascapes of my home in the South Hams. It brings back memories of a childhood filled with picnics on the beach, learning to swim, then surf, crabbing in rock pools, and being dragged off the beach at sundown, so we could do it all again the next day.  I realise how lucky I was and I am making sure my son has the same wonderful experience which I know will live with him forever. 
These small memories of time are so important and live with us always. I loved creating this new collection. It is very special to me. I hope you love it too.
Every summer we eagerly await the delivery of the new collection from Barry Kelly. His paintings are always so full of light, sun and warmth. Somehow or other he always takes his work another step forward, another new development that reflects his growing talent as an artist. 
This summer is no exception. His colours are bright and true and his skies are so full of promise and wonder. His foregrounds are complex, little miniature works on their own which compel and entrance. Each painting as a whole represents a snapshot of an element of the land of the South Hams. Barry captures the pure essence of this unique habitat like no other artist, making his work both desirable and collectible.