JULIE ELLIS - FORCE OF NATURE: A new collection of sublime ethereal landscapes from Devon artist Julie Ellis

3 - 26 September 2020

On this exhibition

My work sets out to communicate the language of paint as much as it seeks to  communicate nature, each mark leading the next building imagined places which reside in personal memory and experience, this is intuitive, an internal force which drives me to understand and develop each painting and something which is encapsulated in this exhibition. 

On intuition

Intuition is perhaps at its most liberated when we are young children exploring and expressing the world around us with a natural spontaneity. Those who become artists, poets, writers and musicians appear to hold onto and nurture this naivety to allow the subconscious to be exposed in their work. In terms of painting the immediacy and uniqueness in a mark made in a moment of impulse cannot be duplicated. It communicates physical movement, direction, pressure and speed applied by the artist in that particular instant implying emotion, anger, joy or frustration.